The Leadership Challenge

As companies become more global, connected, and generationally diverse, leaders are confronted today with a multidimensional set of challenges.  As the current line of leadership ages and is replaced by a new generation of leaders, a renewed set of values, principles, ideals and standards emerge.  These new leaders are redefining the leadership rulebook on what it takes to effectively succeed in a corporate environment.

For this leadership change to be an effective one, senior leaders must re-think how they can align with their successors while keeping the necessary pace for corporate growth and success.

This paradigm shift will be significant in an organization’s change initiative, where strategy, process, and communications are crucial to sustain momentum and commitment from both the leadership and their employees.

Many leadership development experts have taught several leadership techniques over the past 70 years starting with Peter Drucker.  The challenge is that leadership today needs to be developed, lived, and experienced not just taught.

As witnessed by Drucker and others, leadership should never be taken for granted through a parochial view of what a leader should be to the organization and to its people.  Instead, leadership needs to be adaptable and malleable to multiple challenges, new initiatives, and to innovative ideas from all sources.

At Nablis, our goal is to develop leaders at all levels who have the beliefs and behaviors necessary to face the complexity of change and successfully execute business strategy.

Once developed, these new leaders will have the right tools to work with their teams and people to keep ahead of technological advances and social changes, and fully participate as a global player.

Our Commitment

Our team members have an equally high level of emotional commitment to the team’s purpose and goals.  The leadership role changes easily among the members based on the skills and experience we have and the challenges of the moment, rather than on any hierarchical positions.  We hold one another accountable for the quality of our collective work. We subordinate our formal affiliations, personal prejudices, and loyalties to our purpose and goals.


We are a globally experienced team of business leaders and consultants who “Enable” our clients to develop effective Leadership and Human Capital in times of great disruption, change and global competition (product and service offering) for their future leaders.  Because we see ourselves as enablers providing whatever is necessary to achieve our clients’ goals and mission, we chose to name the company Nablis.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals who have been CEO’s, Chief Growth Officers, Chief Human Resource Officers, Chief Learning Officers, globally recognized Executive Leadership Development experts, Certified Executive Coaches and Management Consultants.

We incorporate proven Leadership Development Programs developed by our Chief Innovation Officer, John Higgins, a recognized leader in Leadership Development and Executive Coaching.  We support a powerful value proposition designed to bring measurable results to our clients that few other companies can match.

We have an unprecedented leadership crisis in business, government and civil society.  There is significant disillusionment in our companies and organizations with leaders and the concept of “leadership.”

According to a recent Gallup study, “only 23 % of employees are engaged at work.  At the other end, 16% of employees are actively disengaged — they are miserable in the workplace and have dramatically reversed what the most engaged employees build and deliver.  The remaining 51% of employees are not engaged — they’re just there.”

Board members, C-level executives, and clients and partners in a range of businesses have been acknowledging the need for help with their teams.  This need for help is a direct result of a multitude of corporate challenges including M&A activity, corporate consolidations, expansions, organic growth and globalization, corporate culture, and virtual presence in multiple continents and businesses.

Nablis is here to help companies and organizations navigate successfully through this change.